Integrated Care Resource Center

This is part two of a two part series that provides an overview of state strategies for contracting with D-SNPs to improve care coordination and Medicare-Medicaid alignment for dually eligible enrollees. The webinars are especially helpful to state staff who are new to or seek a refresher on D-SNP contracting and working with Medicare plans.

Webinar 2: Using D-SNPs to Integrate Care for Dually Eligible Individuals

Learning Objectives: By the end of this presentation, attendees should be able to describe:

  • Useful contract provisions, beyond required minimum elements, that states may use to drive integration of Medicare and Medicaid benefits in D-SNPs; and
  • State contracting and policy approaches to developing integrated care models in states with or without Medicaid managed care.


  • Erin Weir Lakhmani, Mathematica
  • Danielle Chelminsky, Mathematica
  • Paul Saucier, Director, Office of Aging and Disability Services, Maine Department of Health and Human Services
  • Nancy Archibald, CHCS

Part one of this webinar series, State Contracting with D-SNPs: Introduction to D-SNPs and D-SNP Contracting Basics, can be found here.