Integrated Care Resource Center

This webinar provides an overview of Medicare and Medicaid behavioral health benefits (including mental health and substance use disorder benefits) for dually eligible individuals and opportunities to improve coordination in integrated care programs. It includes a summary of the new Medicare Opioid Treatment Benefit and implications for state Medicaid programs, as well as information about state options for covering treatment services in Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMDs).


Learning Objectives: By the end of this presentation, attendees are able to:

  • Understand trends in behavioral health spending and service use among dually eligible individuals;
  • Describe the prevalence of certain behavioral health conditions within the dually eligible population nationwide and use publicly available data to better understand the prevalence of behavioral health conditions among dually eligible individuals within a particular state;
  • Understand the challenges that result from misaligned Medicare and Medicaid behavioral health benefits;
  • Describe models for coordinating Medicare and Medicaid physical and behavioral health benefits for dually eligible individuals;
  • Understand and evaluate opportunities to advance integrated care.



  • Zaire Graves, Integrated Care Resource Center
  • Danielle Chelminsky, Integrated Care Resource Center
  • Caitlin Murray, Integrated Care Resource Center