Integrated Care Resource Center

This webinar and accompanying presenation slides provide information on the historical Part A and Part B data across all eligibility responses, as well as an overview of the E&E360 Eligibility and Enrollment Online Portal.


Historical Part A and B Entitlement Data

  • Addition of Historical Part A and B entitlement data across all eligibility responses
  • Review the impact to application systems, introduce updated documents and discuss implementation timelines.

E&E360 Eligibility and Enrollment Online Portal

  • Introduction of a new online portal
  • Address key functionality improvements
  • Live E&E360 application demonstration


  • Alena Tourtellotte, Research Assistant/Programmer, Mathematica
  • Michael Kettaneh, Application Services Manager, Wipro Limited – Infocrossing

Related Resource:

E&E360 Online Interface State and MMP User Guide - This user guide, produced in September 2019, provides detailed instructions for state and MMP users on the new Infocrossing online interface that states and MMPs use to submit eligibility queries and enrollment transactions for Financial Alignment Initiative demonstrations.