The over 12 million Americans who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid have high rates of chronic illness, long-term care needs, and social risk factors. They also must navigate both Medicare and Medicaid – two separate systems that were not designed to work together. The goal of Medicare-Medicaid integration is to improve the quality and experience of care for dually eligible individuals while reducing avoidable service use and costs. Explore this section of the website to learn more about the dually eligible population and Medicare-Medicaid integration.

  1. Learn the Basics

    Following are core resources about who dually eligible individuals are and what Medicare-Medicaid integration means for them and their care:

  2. See Integration in Action

    Several states have implemented models that fully integrate Medicare and Medicaid, including:

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    View other Resources for additional background on Medicare-Medicaid integration, options for integration, and foundational steps to advance integration care for dually eligible populations.