Medicare Overview

Medicare and Medicaid Nursing Facility Benefits: The Basics and Options for Improved Coordination and Quality

Working with Medicare

This Working with Medicare webinar provides an overview of data on Medicare and Medicaid spending on nursing facilities for dually eligible beneficiaries, Medicare and Medicaid coverage of nursing facility benefits, and characteristics of Medicare and Medicaid nursing facilities and residents. The presentation also briefly reviews SNF/NF payment systems and methods utilized by FFS Medicare, FFS Medicaid, and managed care health plans, discussing options for states and health plans to increase coordination and quality in SNF and NF services.

Medicare Basics: An Overview for States Seeking to Integrate Care for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

This brief - updated from the 2013 version - is designed to help states better structure and coordinate the Medicaid benefits they offer to Medicare-Medicaid enrollees by providing them with basic information on the Medicare program, the services it covers, and the process used to set rates.

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