Integrated Care Activities

Financial Alignment DemonstrationCapitated model
Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan ContractingYes
Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports ProgramYes
Approved Medicaid Health HomeYes
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)Yes

blacktriangle CMS Medicare-Medicaid Enrollee State Profile: California - 2008. Provides demographic, enrollment, and expenditure data.

Financial Alignment Demonstration Resources

blacktriangle Los Angeles & Orange County Cal MediConnect Plans Pilot Projects to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations for Nursing Facility Residents (California Department of Health Care Services/June 2017) This blog describes pilot projects recently launched by six Cal MediConnect plans in Los Angeles and Orange County that will test interventions to reduce avoidable hospitalizations and other adverse events for nursing facility residents.

blacktriangle Experiences with Financial Alignment Initiative Demonstration Projects in Three States: Feedback from Enrollees in California, Massachusetts, and Ohio (MACPAC/May 2015) This report describes beneficiary experiences with enrollment processes, communication about the model of care, and understanding of care coordination services under the capitated model financial alignment demonstrations.

blacktriangle Key Demonstration Documents on the MMCO Website (proposal, three-way contract, readiness review tool, evaluation design plan, etc.) and State Website.

blacktriangle Empowering Dual Eligible Consumers through Information Exchange: Early Lessons from Cal MediConnect (Personal Assistance Services Council of Los Angeles County/March 2015) This resource describes strategies used to communicate with consumers of California’s In-Home Supportive Services program about the Cal MediConnect demonstration.

blacktriangle Cal MediConnect Explained: Enrollment Options and Resources with Jane Ogle (California Department of Health Care Services/February 2015) This video for potential Cal MediConnect enrollees shows what the passive enrollment letters and envelopes look like, guides beneficiaries through their enrollment options, explains integrated care, benefit of care coordinators/care teams, and the supplemental benefits plans may offer, and highlights beneficiary protections.

blacktriangle Cal MediConnecToons ( 2014) These videos explain the ideas, enrollment timeline, choices, care services, and rights as part of the Coordinated Care Initiative.

blacktriangle Stakeholder Engagement Initiative (California Department of Health Care Services/September 2014) This webpage describes an initiative to redesign California's Medi-Cal stakeholder engagement process, including an online survey of stakeholders.

blacktriangle California’s Coordinated Care Initiative: August 2014 Update (The SCAN Foundation/August 2014) This resource provides updated enrollment information, describes the state’s response to administrative issues it has encountered, lists outreach efforts, budget issues, and other news.

blacktriangle Smooth Landing?: How California Can Ensure Continuity of Care for Vulnerable Seniors Transitioning to Managed Care (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research/June 2014) This report documents the results of interviews with dually eligible individuals in California about how maintaining continuity of care may influence the success of the state's Cal MediConnect financial alignment demonstration program.

blacktriangle California Legislative Analysts’ Office -- Comments on Medi-Cal Integration Proposal. In designing its Dual Eligibles Demonstration, California has sought transparency and fostered an interactive dialogue with a diverse array of stakeholders. State Medi-Cal leaders believe this input is critical to developing sound policy. This document is an example of the kind of feedback that Medi-Cal has received and that is informing their policy development. The document is a good example of thoughts being expressed within California and nationally.

blacktriangle Options for Integrated Care for Duals in Medi-Cal: Themes from Interviews with Key Informants and Community Dialogues. Describes California's approach to gathering stakeholder input related to proposed integration of services for dual eligibles for its Medicaid 1115 waiver renewal.

blacktriangle Dual Eligibles Health Care Experience Survey. Developed by California Medicaid to gather information about care experiences of dual eligible beneficiaries and their caregivers.

blacktriangle Draft Request for Solutions. Outlines the selection requirements for demonstration sites.

blacktriangle Raising the Bar: How Medi-Cal Strengthened Managed Care Contracts for People with Disabilities (California HealthCare Foundation/August 2012) This report examines the contract requirements adopted by Medi-Cal, including a comparison with contracting recommendations made through an earlier multi-stakeholder collaborative process, and the state’s rationale for contracting decisions.

blacktriangle A First Look: Mandatory Enrollment of Medi-Cal’s Seniors and People with Disabilities into Managed Care (California Health Care Foundation/August 2012) This report examines the implementation of the expansion of California’s Medicare managed care population to include seniors and people with disabilities.

blacktriangle California’s Duals Demonstration: A Transparent and Inclusive Stakeholder Process (California Department of Health Care Services/September 2012) This presentation describes California’s current stakeholder engagement process, plans for on-going advisory groups, and ways to solicit on-going feedback.